Advice on Buying Blenders and Blender Reviews


A great blender is an integral part of any kitchen whether you are making margaritas, smoothies or pureeing summer tomatoes from the garden for a homemade marinara. In spite of the popularity of hand/immersion mixers and food processors, blenders are still the ideal alternative for whipping a smoothie, crushing ice or pureeing soups.

If you are contemplating getting a new blender, there is a high possibility that you have perused over countless Best Blender Reviews which discuss the advantages and disadvantages of various kinds of blenders. If you are looking for a new blender, you should pick a high-powered one which can make a wide range of delicious foods for you to enjoy both healthy and tasty living.

When you are researching blenders, pay close attention to what materials make the base and gear assembly. Blenders that have these components made of plastic have lower marks for durability. But metal-based and stainless steel blenders last for long.

Be sure to pay close attention to the warranty that comes with your heavyduty blender the same way you would with a more costly purchase. Some manufacturers might offer six months while others may offer six years of warranty.

Not all blenders are made equally and the way manufacturers market this is with wattage claims. While it is true that the higher wattage a blender has, the better it can work with hard substances like nuts or ice, if you will not be utilizing your blender for those things, you will not have to pay for the extra power. For regular daily use, a blender that has 300 to 600 watts should be okay. Read more claims about blenders at

Blender jars are normally made of glass, plastic, metal, and polycarbonate. Plastic jars are the cheapest option, and their light-weight design allows for easy handling when full. But, they may retain food odors and are prone to scratches. It is an excellent choice if all you need the blender for is pesto. But, if you will be using the blender for a variety of recipes, you should consider other materials.

Glass is the heaviest and hence the most stable and durable of the blender jars. The only drawback is that if you drop it, it breaks. Glass does not retain strong flavors or odors.

Regardless of the blender jar you pick, you will want to ensure that it is the right shape and size. If you will be making anything in batches, you will require a blender jar with more capacity. Consider what you need the blender for and make your decision based on this.


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